San Pedro Local brings another Gold home from Jiu-Jitsu Tournament!!!

Jarry Sessionsdoes it again!

Jarry Sessionsdoes it again!

Here is another Gold medal for Jarry Sessions (12), a San Pedro local that decided to dedicate himself to the

‘Gentle Art” (Jiu-Jitsu), and have been representing our town nicely done. This past Saturday, Jarry Sessions decided to go on a ‘solo mission’ to Valencia, to fight a Submission only tournament at Big John McCarthy’s Gym and efficiently finished both of his opponents via armbar. (The videos will be up tomorrow!)

Stay tuned for more news on THE BEST MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL IN TOWN!

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New Belt! Congratulations To Noah Prieto

Noah Promotionwe would like to congratulate Noah Prieto on receiving his new belt last night, he is now Orange & Green belt. Noah Prieto Started training with San Pedro BJJ when he was only 8 years old, Sensei still remembers the days when he was the only kid in the program with nothing but adults to train with. Despite not having training partners his size, Noah continued to show up to class and dedicate his time to learning the gentle art. Nowadays Mr. Prieto is the leader of the kids pack with more than enough training partners to roll around with, soon he will be moved up to the adult class and will be back to training with the big boys. Thank you Noah for your dedication to our school and to yourself, we look forward to the day we can write about you becoming a black belt. Keep training OSS!  

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South Bay/Vulkan Open Tournament Results


Great Weekend of Matches!

Wow! San Pedro BJJ killed it this past weekend at the South Bay/Vulkan open GI & No-Gi Tournament Our boys and girl went out and fought hard  bringing home gold, silver and the Third Place Overall Team Trophy. In the picture above you see our team gathering after a long day of battles, even the fatigue of war couldn’t keep the smiles from our school mates faces as they showed off their medals and celebrated a job well done. Thank you to all who went out and flew our flag this past weekend,  once again you have made us proud members of Pedro Soriano Brazilan Jiu-Jitsu  Academy, we would also like to thank Sensei Pedro & the coaches for all their hard work and dedication to developing our students and building better citizens. Special thanks to all the parents especially those who attended the tournament, your continued support and belief in our program helps make awesome days like this possible.

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Saturday No Gi Class Has Resumed at PSBJJ Academy!

Spring is here and that means we will be resuming our No Gi training class. The class will commence every Saturday from 11:00 AM- 12:30 PM  for the kids, and 12:30 PM -2:00 PM for the adults. Please bring the proper NO GI attire and we look forward to seeing you on the mat!  If you have any questions about our program or classes offered please give us a call at 310-519-1024.

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Sensei Paulo’s Kids BJJ Workshop

Sensei Paulo's  Kids BJJ Workshop

This morning we welcomed Sensei Paulo to conduct a BJJ workshop for the kids. We thank him for this excellent opportunity and plan to apply his lesson to our own techniques. We hope to host him again soon!

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San Pedro BJJ Represents At Copa Pacifica

San Pedro BJJ Represents At Copa Pacifica

One of our most memorable tournaments this year. All weekend long Sensei Pedro and his students were doing battle at Copa Pacifica and they definitely made their presence known. PSBJJ had members in every age and weight division ranging from our youngest Kids all the way up to the senior division, our guys and gals killed it. Thank you to all who went out and either competed or supported the team. None of this could have been possible without the dedication Sensei Pedro and his students have not only towards Jiu-jitsu but also to each other and their academy. These warriors trained hard leading up to the tournament and it paid off. The above photo displays just a few of our medaling members, from left to right we have Zach Suarez, Jarry Sessions, Stevie Gomez and Dan Waldrop, all four took gold in their division. Congratulations to the entire competition team for representing our school at the Pacific Cup.

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New Stripes!!!

New Stripes!!!

New stripes were earned today for Clifton T. and Enrique R. Keep up the hard work and dedication!!!

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