Latest News From Our School – News and Recognition

Hello everyone!

These past two weeks were pretty eventful and History was made here in San Pedro. Lets start with the weekend before last. On Feb 17th, 2018 our dear friend and Sensei Mauricio Tinguinha came for his 3rd time to our School to teach his craft to our team. Sensei Tinguinha brought to our mats a set of techniques of Spider Guard and it is needless to say that it was an awesome high level class. We also had the pleasure to have Sensei Paulo Guillobel on the mat with us for the Seminar. In addition to a great time on the Seminar, we had our veery first Black Belt promotion at our School. Yeah! That is right… Our School is near 12 years old now and the first seed from San Pedro is now Black Belt. Tim O’Donnell (39), active student under Sensei Pedro Soriano since 2008, has been promoted the rank of Black Belt. Tim is a father of two, an husband, ILWU member and last but not least a person of character and values, loyal and true samurai spirit.

San Pedro has other Black Belts but Mr. O’Donnell is the first Black Belt to be awarded a Black Belt in Town after training from White to Black. Below are some pictures of this amazing weekend.

Tinguinha Seminar - San Pedro Jiu-Jitsu


Friends are family we choose – The Best San Pedro Martial Arts School

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San Pedro Brazilian Jiu-JItsu Black Belt – TimO


We couldn’t forget to give a shout out to our other Students that have been promoted – Jon Sarmiento, Blue Belt – Dylan Bruno, Shannon Howerton and Brianna Matsuura, Purple Belts – here they are below in this picture.

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One More Belt Ceremony On The Books.

Hello everyone!,

On Saturday, December 9th, we had another Christmas Belt Ceremony for our Teens and Adult students. Our Christmas Ceremony was a total success and we all couldn’t be any prouder of our Team ( Family ). This year, 2017, was an awesome year full of accomplishments.

The San Pedro Jiu-Jitsu scene gets stronger by the day and we are very proud to be the #1 Martial Arts School in town and the Original Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School as well. Thanks to you that make our Home your home and for being part of this great family!

Here is some of the moments captured by, the one and only, Chris Nguyen, from his lenses straight to you.


Our Adult Program also has new colors: a new batch of Blue belts…


A brand new PSBJJ Purple belt: ( as he said, “no more playing games… road to black belt!”)


Mario Gonzalez couldn’t be more stoked!!!

And we also had all kids of other students receiving their stripes for their accomplishments and commitment.


Below is a shot of those whom got promoted to their new belts and a group shot of our beautiful Family.

If you know someone that needs a “turn around” in life, whether they are struggling with weight, sedentary lifestyle, depression or simply needs a little excitement.. please share this article with them and Share all the benefits you have had so far from our Jiu-Jitsu Program with them.

Adults Kickboxing Class At San PedroBJJ

2015-01-21_18.12.37 (1)

This week the San Pedro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing Club would like to highlight our Adults Kickboxing program. This awesome class started just 3 months ago and is run by our Kids Kickboxing Instructor, Coach Matt. Adults Kickboxing is held every Monday & Wednesdays @ 8:00 pm, and focuses on fitness, strategy and techniques. Stop by the academy and check out our Kickboxing crew hard at work, it’s fun to watch and even more fun to join. This class is great for anyone, whether you’re a hobbyist or an aspiring pro fighter, our Adult Kickboxing program has a little something for everyone.

So give us a call and set up your FREE TRIAL CLASS today@(310)519-1024. Check out what Adults Kickboxing is all about.

San Pedro BJJ & Kickboxing with Coach Matt


Kids Kickboxing is in full affect, we meet up every Monday & Wednesday @ 4:00 PM sharp for one hour of great cardio and Kickboxing technique. Coach Matt has been training Muay Thai for 8 years and has a total of five years experience as an instructor, he began his journey at 15 years old and eventually found his home here at Pedro Soriano Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing Academy. It’s been great having Coach Matt as an addition to the team and we enjoy watching our Kids KB crew developing and growing stronger as a unit.

Ask about our trial and sign your kids up today just give us a call @ (310)519-1024

Another Tournament, Another Medal

2014-08-25_10.51.06This Kid Just Wont Stop!  On Sunday the 24th of August, Jarry Sessions Jr entered the Grappling X Youth World Gi Championship and took home the silver medal in his division. This was Jarry’s second competition in less than 2 weeks and his third this month, not bad for 12 years old. Needless to say we at PSBJJ are proud and thankful to have such a great kid and team mate representing our school. Keep up the hard work Sessions, the whole team is behind you.  

Sign your kids up today and check out our 30 DAY FREE TRIAL! Give us a call @ (310) 519-1024 start your journey today! 

Kids Kickboxing


Kids Kickboxing

Here at Pedro Sorianos BJJ club we have started up a kickboxing program for kids ages 8 to 15 so far we are off to great start. Master Pete Israel is our head kickboxing instructor with more than ten years of experience training fighters both amateur and professional. classes are very well structured to start off Master Pete leads the kids through a series of stretches designed to improve flexibility for striking techniques such as high kicks, afterwards class goes into the warm up which will consist of either a strength or cardio based exercise followed by technique and focus mitt drills. Its great to see the kids focused and determined they are improving everyday all while building confidence , learning to be respectful towards others and gaining self-defense skills not to mention an active kid is a healthy kid and healthy kid is a happy kid. Here at Pedro Sorianos BJJ club our goal is to build happy, healthy, confident kids that don’t have to worry about bullies or becoming bullies themselves. Call us now sign your child up for our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing programs and become part of the PSBJJ family today. (310)519-1024